About Us

The Brand "Ella" was established by Ella Segal in 1991, influenced by her vision of the Israeli woman and her deep love of fashion. 

The main line is characterised by a tailored style, suitable for the career oriented woman with an emphasis on fitted jackets and flattering shapes. With time, the line expanded into a more eclectic and free flowing style of tops, cardigans and dresses. 

In 2004, Ella's daughter, Gili Ben-Shushan, Joined the brand and together they developed the line of the brand with younger and more casual inspirations. 

Today the brand creates a variety of items, for 30+ women, for daily and evening use. Paying great attention to custom manufacturing, working with high quality fabrics and considering every detail to make the product as flattering and comfortable as possible.

The brands newest line "Star" was created to fit a larger audience with a wider style of looks, and in a more comfortable price range. 

A unique aspect of the brand is the ability to order items in any size or length, at the studio in tel aviv or at selected boutiques across the country.

For more information about this service please contact us.